condo in philadelphiaWelcome To Hopkinson House

We would like to welcome you to Hopkinson House and are delighted to have you as a member of our community. We hope the following general information will help as you relocate to your new home. Should you have any questions, please contact the Resident Services Desk.

Moving Procedures

New residents must contact the Resident Services Desk to reserve the service elevator in advance of their move date. A $200.00 non-refundable fee is to be paid with the Move-In Reservation Request. Please reserve the service elevator well in advance of your intended move date since only one move is accommodated per day.

Moves are only permitted Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and on Saturday between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No moves are allowed on Sunday, legal or religious holidays. 2019 Holiday Dates

All moves are done through the loading area in the garage and the service elevator. Please inform your moving company that trucks over 12 feet in height cannot fit into the garage. Trucks over that height are required to park to the south of the 6th Street garage entrance and all belongings will have to be hand-trucked using the garage ramp.

Note the dimensions of the service elevator: width: 5’9″, height: 8’4″, depth: 5′.

If you need to dispose of cartons and boxes please contact the Resident Services Desk to arrange for their removal. These items may not be left in the hallway, trash room, or service elevator lobby area.

Rules and Regulations

The residents living in a condominium building are dependent on one another for the quiet enjoyment of their homes and for the smooth and harmonious functioning of the community. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the Condominium Documents, Rules and Regulations, and the general policies of Hopkinson House. You should have received copies of these documents before closing on your unit or from your landlord.


Procedures, forms, fees, and policies relating to apartment renovations appear in the Renovation Requirements packet (updated July 2018).

Utilities, Cable, Telephone and Internet Service

The building provides heat, air conditioning, water, gas, and electricity.

Cable television is also included through a bulk account with Comcast. This service includes over 100 channels of TV programming, 46 music channels and 8 HBO channels. Also included are 2 remotes and 2 digital converter boxes per unit. This type of bulk subscription is different from a conventional residential subscriber account. Therefore, residents of Hopkinson House need to use a special telephone number to contact Comcast for all account servicing.

To activate, disconnect or for any other Comcast account services, please use the Comcast MDU Bulk Account Care Line:
1 855 MDU-BULK (1 855 638-2855)
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional channels and levels of cable service are available directly from Comcast.

Telephone and Internet services are also available from Comcast or through Verizon Communications. Please contact the company of your choice directly about arranging for those services.

No Smoking Rule  

Smoking is prohibited in all common areas, balconies, and units in Hopkinson House. The no-smoking rule applies to all residents, guests, employees, and service providers. Limited exceptions apply to smoking units occupied by owners who were resident before the rule took effect in September 2012. No Smoking Resolution


The Association has a Master Insurance Policy through Lindsay Insurance Group, Inc. This insurance policy provides coverage for the building and common elements. However, since the building coverage is limited under the Association Master Insurance Policy and Unit Owners Policy, each unit owner should have a Unit Owners (HO-6) insurance policy to cover their unit and their liability. Please refer to the condominium declaration for a description of the individual unit.

Trash Disposal

On each floor next to the service elevator is a room for trash and recycling disposal. The chute for regular, bagged trash runs from the top floor to the garage. It is important that residents do not dispose of any materials that can cause a blockage in the trash chute. Please place recyclables in the appropriate containers.


All of the hallways, stairwells, lobby, garage and elevators are common property. No personal belongings should be left, stored or displayed in any of these areas. No shoes, umbrellas, trash, bicycles, strollers or other personal property is to be left in the hallways. Nothing should ever be attached to any part of the hallway walls. There are closets located on each floor to house cable TV and maintenance equipment. Residents are not permitted to use the closets for storage or for any other reason.


Balconies should be cleaned only with a vacuum or damp mop or broom and cleaned in such a manner as to prevent water or debris falling onto lower levels. No trash or debris may be shaken or thrown from any balcony.
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The use of any type of grill anywhere on the property, including the balconies is strictly prohibited.


Living in a condominium is not the same as living in a single-family home. The close proximity of your neighbors requires a high level of consideration so that we all can enjoy our homes peacefully. Please be mindful of activities that will transmit sounds through the floors and keep your television and stereo at a level which will not travel through walls and floors. Please keep voices at a reasonable level, especially in the hallways.


Pets that may be kept in an apartment, provided they are preregistered with the Management Office, are cats (maximum of one); small domestic animals excluding dogs; fish, turtles, and small birds; and Seeing Eye or Hearing dogs. Guest of owners and/or residents are not permitted to bring pets into the building. Pets in the halls or common areas must be carried in appropriate containers. Rules and Regulations

Rooftop Pool 

2020 Pool Season. The rooftop pool opened Monday, July 20th.  The pool hours are 7 days per week, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.  2020 season rules are available using Building Link.   

The pool area has a capacity limit of 25 people (plus the lifeguard and the Pool Attendant), on a first-come-first-served basis.  If attendance is too great and it becomes necessary to implement a reservation system so members can reserve a visit in advance, we are prepared to do so using Building Link. 

Pool Attendants working for HHOA help enforce the COVID 19 aspects of the pool rules (mask wearing, social distancing for people from different households).  They also wipe shared surfaces such as chairs, railings and handles.        

New pool memberships continue to be available, and day passes will be available at the Resident Services Desk (also on a first-come-first-served basis, depending on space at the pool).  


Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of the interior of their unit. The Association will address any problems with the common elements. Association Maintenance Policy

Fire Evacuation Procedures and Shelter in Place

For fire evacuation procedures prescribed by the City of Philadelphia Fire Department and fire procedures for residents needing assistance: Fire Evacuation Procedures

Tips: If the fire alarm sounds, leave at once. Close doors behind you. Proceed into the “Fire Exit” and remain on the landing or the steps until you are given instructions by the Fire Department or the Building Fire Marshal. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. BE SURE THAT THE FIRE EXIT DOORS ARE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES SO THAT SMOKE CANNOT ENTER THE STAIRWAY.

In the event of an emergency declared by the City or state: Red Cross Shelter in Place Guidelines


Please ensure that you and your visitors are always parked appropriately. 20-minute parking is available on the street directly in front of the building, and 10-minute parking is allowed in the front driveway for pick-up and drop-off. Do not park in any area not designated for parking. If necessary, any inappropriately parked vehicle may be towed at the owners’ expense. Improperly parked cars can block the access of emergency vehicles and disrupt the flow of traffic in the front driveway. Parking Garage Info

Bicycle Storage

This calendar year there are two choices for bike storage as set forth in the Revised Bike Room Policy 2018 and summarized below:
1. Bike Room Storage at $36.00 per bike, plus a $25.00 deposit for a key to the new Bike Room, limited to two bikes per unit and subject to capacity. If you wish to store your bike in the new Bike Room, please complete and return the Bicycle Registration and Agreement with appropriate payment to the Resident Services Desk.
2. Apartment Storage within your residential unit at no cost to you. HHOA reserves the option of requiring you to transport your bike to and from our apartment via the freight elevator.

Monthly Condominium Payments

You may now pay your monthly condominium fees by credit card online. If you find that your payment is going to be late, this is one way to be sure your account is credited on time, as long as it is done by the fifth working day of the month. Log onto and click on “Pay Association Dues.” There is a 5% service charge for paying by credit card, so we would advise using it only in an emergency situation. To be sure your payments are always credited on time, consider signing up for CAMCO’s auto-debit program. Your monthly fees will automatically be deducted from your bank account each month. An application is available by clicking on the CAMCO Auto Debit link here or at the Resident Services Desk. Another method is with online banking through your bank, credit union or other financial institution. You can schedule your payment from your bank account to automatically post on the first of each month. If you do online banking, be sure your unit number is listed on the check for proper credit to your account and be sure that your bank sends the check directly to:

CAMCO Management Company
Attn: Accounts Receivable
511 West Chester Pike
Havertown, PA 19083

As a reminder, if the monthly maintenance fees are more than two months in arrears, the delinquent owner(s) is turned over to the Association’s attorney for collection and the unit owner(s) becomes responsible for the attorney’s fees which currently start at $300. Continued legal action creates higher attorney fees which are the responsibility of the unit owner(s). The cost to the unit owner for failing to pay on time is significant.

Delinquency Policy: All Association fees are due on the first day of each month without prior written notice. Any unit for which an Association fee payment has not been received by the close of business on the fifth business day of any and each month shall be recorded as delinquent and a late charge of $50.00 shall be assessed against the unit. Any unit for which an Association fee has not been received within 30 days of the due date shall be assessed an additional 1½% interest per month on the unpaid balance.

The Hopkinson House Owners’ Association (HHOA) 

The Hopkinson House Owners Association is a condominium/homeowner association and provides owners with many kinds of benefits that private homeowners don’t have available to them. Just a few of these benefits are:

  • The ability to directly elect neighbors (or to run yourself) to help in governing the association, giving you a voice in how decisions are made.
  • The sharing of costs for utilities and maintaining the building and common areas.
  • The maintaining of community standards which help protect the value of your home.

Most of what you will need to know about the Association is contained in the condominium documents you were given prior to your closing or provided to you by your landlord.


CAMCO is the management company for Hopkinson House. CAMCO works closely with the Association Council to oversee the day-to-day operations and management of Hopkinson House.

Annual Association and Annual Budget Meetings

The Annual Association Meeting takes place every April and the Annual Budget Meeting is held every December. All owners are urged to attend both meetings as these are where many issues important to the running of Hopkinson House are presented and discussed. Owners will receive written notice of the dates and times of both meetings.

Association Council

We are proud of our building and we solicit your help and expertise in making it an even better place to live. Please consider volunteering your talents to help the Council in managing the activities of the Association.

The Association Council welcomes you to our building and our community. We hope that you will be happy here and will work with us in continuing to improve our living environment. In choosing to live at Hopkinson House, you have selected one of the finest condominiums in the City of Philadelphia.
Best wishes to you in your new home.

Welcome aboard!
Hopkinson House Owners’ Association

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