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2019 Holidays

No contractor work on these dates.

2019 Pool Season

The Pool Season runs from May 25th through September 22nd.
Pool Rules & Regulations 2019  Pool Membership Application 2019


Council of the

(Term expires)
Theresa Kowalski (April 2021)
Kevin Cornely (April 2021)
Assistant Treasurer, Millie Korn (April 2021)
Grazina Crisman (April 2021)
Edward Tomezsko (April 2020)
Gail Winkler (April 2020)
Howard Zakheim (April 2020)

Bike Room 

The new Bike Room opened January 8, 2018.  
This calendar year there are two choices for bike storage as set forth in the Revised Bike Room Policy 2018 and subject to the Bicycle Registration and Agreement

Fire Evacuation Procedures 

Fire Evacuation Procedures and Fire Procedures for Residents Needing Assistance were distributed with the January 2017 Association Update. If you need assistance in the event of a building evacuation, please complete and return the attached Emergency Contact Form to the Management Office. Please be sure your name, unit number, and physical disability are on record with the Resident Services Desk. 

E-mail Delivery Option for In-House Notices

To receive all building-generated notices via e-mail, pick up an e-mail delivery application from  the Management Office.  Your submission of the completed form will save Hopkinson House paper, copying costs, and staff labor.